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First of all, please have a look at sample videos easily.

Thank you for watching the sample videos.
Do you think that there are so many? This amount of guidance video will be uploaded every month in WEB calligraphy classroom of Bokuan.
Someone wants to be able to write character well, those who are also under practicing in communication, those who wants to go to calligraphy classes or penmanship classes but for all of them not started yet, WEB calligraphy classroom is perfect!
Do you think what is the key to write with good handwriting?

Simple! It is to memorize the shape of the letters!

There are many people who say "I know such a thing", but there are not many people who are writing letters with the consciousness of the rules that are talked about in the commentary on sample videos.

In the movie of WEB calligraphy classes, we carefully explain the form and rules of letters that appear in the subject of "Nihon Shodo" which is issued monthly.
Basically there is no difference between writing brush and pen.

Even those who do not have time actually to practically write as practice, you know this form and rule, and write carefully on that point you can write letters beautifullly!
Why don't you write the kanji  remembering the explanation point see in the sample movie!

How about that?
Don't you think you can write more beautiful than before you have written without knowing points?

We deliver a part of them on a monthly basis free of charge,because it is very nice to increase people who can write letters in the world!

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WEB calligraphy classroom of BOKUAN that are other teachers of calligraphy also watching! We show off our techniques in simple explanation.
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Thank you!.

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About the teaching "NIHON SYODO"( textbook)

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1 month  540 yen (tax included)

Just in cace who subscribe to the text can also acquire level ranking! {Case where you posted the assignment work to us}
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"Bokuan" is the group name of calligraphy classroom.
We are developing a number of calligraphy classrooms.
In calligraphy classes, up to high school students are taught on the basis of the grade issues.
Although it is based on the monthly task of adults over university students,
We are keeping in mind the guidance tailored to individual needs.
Children's subjects (elementary school students) letters to be learned by elementary school on a grade level.